The Process

It has been a whirlwind of an experience working on this run down, beautifully located fixer upper.  We have learned so much, made lots of mistakes, hit some real lows and some real highs. But mostly, I love how Dave and I have worked together.  I am sure our parents are completely surprised, but we have allowed each person to work with in their gifts.  This doesn’t mean we haven’t argued or had disagreements, but I am thankful that Dave has allowed me to be who I am in this big adventure.

We are now entering the next big phase of this remodel, which honestly, I am so excited about.  The old house will be repaired and the rundown section will be stripped of it’s nasty siding and new cyprus siding will adorn its walls.  The painter is lined up, then the roofer, then our drywaller.  I can’t believe that we are moving towards this point.

Thank you to all of you who have prayed for us and encouraged us.  I am extremely grateful.  Today, I was thinking about all the people I would have never met, if it wasn’t for this remodel.  From our wonderful crew, to the great people at Lowes, Home Depot, Sherwin Williams and Ace, who have patiently answered my questions, remixed my paint and walked down store isles helping me find my items.  What a blessing!

Before this is all over, I am going to make a list – with their permission- of some of the great people who have made this happen for us.

The best of luck in your own endeavors.  Remember to keep God close to your thoughts, even when you are hoping that a certain paint color works out.  Hah!

Blessings!  Staci