Master Bathroom Before and After






This entire bathroom was completely gutted.  All the bead board and floors were original.  We uncovered them and enjoyed their hidden beauty.


Hallway – Before

This is the hallway next to the master bath.  Both the hallway and the master bath had the same cork tiles glued to the ceiling.



This is the refinished hallway ceiling.  All the color was there.  We sanded it, caulked it and put 2 coats of polycrylic on it.   New light and crown top it off.


I love this product.  It goes on clear without any yellowing. I have used it to seal a cabinet, ceilings and a wall that were all the old chippy pealing paint that I sanded down and cleaned before clear coating.


Beginning of the plumbing.


Ceiling sanding and insulation repair.  These two awesome guys were such an amazing help.  They both go to our church and made the work a lot more fun.


This is the beginning of Dave’s shower.


After the drywall came in, Mark and I continued to sand, prep and repair the windows and the bead board wall.


This picture was taken before any of the trim came up.  I kept the center trim in the middle, but the rest came down.  Was so thankful that the windows were solid enough to keep.


The trim had been put up and the vanity set.  All of this prep and painting kept me more than busy.


Hubby checking the front wall of the shower.  We built out a tall pony wall, so we could still enjoy the view, even in the shower. The front of this wall is old bead board we pulled from different spots in the house.


Hubby let me keep the windows, if I promised to seal some of them off.  Here I am caulking one of the old windows closed.  The middle window still works, but the two side ones are closed.  We kept the window weights in tact. We just stuffed them with insulation to help with drafts.  The mechanics of all the windows are good, so if we ever wanted to make them operational again, we could.


Sealing the ceiling with polycrylic. Love this stuff!


I had bought this transom window a couple of years ago because I had always loved the one my mother-in law had at her house. I saw this on a virtual garage sale group that we have in our area.  I was so excited to find this, I drove 40 minutes away to pick it up. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it at the time, but now, I can’t imagine my bathroom without it.


When the bathroom was taking shape, I saw there was an open area above the pony wall that separated the toilet from the vanity.  After measuring, I saw it fit perfect.  I found a post on clearance at a local hardware store, cleaned up the  transom window (sanded, painted and learned to window glaze!) and was more than pleased with how everything fit.

I found this  chandelier at a garage sale about 10 years ago. There was no price on it.  It was in a large dirty cardboard box under a table.  Before I picked up the nasty box, I asked for a price. The lady said – $20.  I paid her, grabbed the box and happily ran to the car to take a better look at my find.  It was nasty and dirty from mice chewing on parts of it, but after a good cleaning and replacing a few minor parts, we have a real beauty on our hands. I love this light.


A couple of weeks ago, I walked into our bathroom early in the morning and was surprised by this sight.  This picture still puts a smile on my face – so pretty.



Here is the condition of the floors before they were refinished.



So amazed by this transformation!  These are all original long leaf pine.  So beautiful!


Our almost finished master bath.

For those of you wondering – The bead board wall is painted in “Dewey” by Sherwin Williams.  All trim is painted in “Glass of Milk” by Sherwin Williams. The painted walls are a customized color that is 50% “Gray Owl” by Benjamin Moore.  The vanity was from Builder Surplus.  The tub and fixtures were a Varage Sale find that ended up being owned by a friend at our church.  The simulated marble surround on the master shower is from Brenham Area Marble.  All trim work was done by Perez Cabinets. The glass door was from Old Mill Creek Glass. Floor refinishing by JM Beautiful Floors.  The plumbing was done by Plumbing That Works. The rest was done by yours truly, Hubby and some great help.

There are still a few more things to do in the bathroom – mirrors for one, but it’s mostly there.  So thankful for the beauty of color that was apart of this room, and a husband who let me run with it and dream.





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