This wonderful husband of mine was crawling in a ditch laying electrical wire to the garage, while I was gathering any 2×4’s I could find to give to our amazing handyman, Seth.  This picture is one of the few we have taken together in our labor of love and craziness.  But, we are getting there.  Remembering everyday how thankful we are to have each other, our wonderful family, this beautiful piece of Texas and a very big God who has walked with us each stage of this journey.

I haven’t posted in awhile, because honestly, I was overwhelmed and a bit discouraged. Some of the toughest parts of our journey happened in February and March. I was stretched and limited in so many ways.  Then, about a month ago, I was feeling discouraged, tired and stressed out.  I talked to my dad and he asked how I was doing.  I told him that things had gotten really hard.  My dad said, “Well, I know you are good with your morning quiet times with the Lord.”  I stopped him right there.  “Dad, I haven’t been having them. I am so tired and I get up early every morning to meet different workers or crews coming to the house.”  My ever encouraging dad, scolded me and basically said – It doesn’t matter how early you have to get up, or how tired you are, you have to give each day to the Lord.  How right he was.

For the past several months, I had been doing it on my own strength, which was not very strong or very wise. I said pocket prayers as I was driving and saw my joy waning. The witness I could have been to others, was lacking.  Needless to say – it was a wake up call. So, for the past month, my coffee and my Bible are starting each morning.  It has been good for me to focus on something other than myself and my day.  To take my eyes off of me, has been a way to lift the burden I had been feeling.  Things aren’t perfect, but they are better.  We are making good progress on projects, but we still have a lot of life happening around us to keep up with too – graduations, birthdays, holidays – you know – life.  Good stuff. Tough stuff. In between stuff.  But doing life without the Lord actively apart of it, is heavy and comber some.  Consequences come when the Lord takes a back seat.  Though things are better, I find myself going back to Him in humility and earnestness.  I am so thankful to have such a good God in my life, one who knows me, sees me and forgives me continually.  For now, that’s my Little Piece of Texas – I’ll post some new project pics soon.

May God’s grace fill you and yours.   Blessings – Staci