A Little Bit of Fun


When we began the demo on the master bathroom, we found a turquoise painted ceiling with heavy glue stuck to it from the ceiling tile squares that were there before. Clay and Mark sanded down this ceiling and got the gook off that had held those wonderfully awful ceiling tiles.  This is the end result of the sanding. I am a blue lover, so this was a wonderful surprise.

*Below is a before shot of the bathroom and the hallway next to it that shows off those lovely tiles.




This is an upside down happy face.  So I look even happier.  After the sanding and gook removal, we had some patching to do.  Seth handled that.


Mark had caulked the big gaps, but I hadn’t thought ahead and we had white caulk streaks.  So, I mixed some paints to get a turquoise that was close.  I did a bit of blending in some of the cracks to cover the white caulk lines and to tie the colors together.


After three coats of polycrylic, the finished project was wonderful.


It literally took a village of us.  So thankful for some really great help. Feel incredibly blessed and wonderfully happy with this great ceiling.

*Just  a note*

The month of December was a tough one for the remodel and for Dave and I.  Weather, delays and stress brought me down a bit.  My phone stopped taking pictures and one of our daughters had surgery.  My Grandma passed away and the holidays were not as relaxed as usual.  I think I had my plate overflowing.  But.. through prayers, patience, perseverance, my wonderful husband, family, friends and a very big God, things turned around.  Our crews aren’t as big, but are so wonderful.  The help we have had in the last 6 weeks has been a tremendous blessing.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude.  We are beginning to see some exciting progress.  The construction loan is almost gone, but we are down to a few big projects that should fit into the budget.

Hope to get more pics out soon.  Glad you could follow along.


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