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I am so excited to see the room coming together!!  This room is in the old military barracks that was attached to the farm house when we bought it.  We had the rooms framed back in September to help with the roof support. Dave and I marked and measured the rooms with blue painters tape and they literally placed 2×4’s over the top of the blue tape to build the walls.

The slideshow is all before and afters. One of the photos I took the pic looking toward the entry and the other is looking back. I can’t tell you how exciting this is for me and hubby, Dave.  Plus our $ is about out!  So glad we got this far!!!

The drywall work will be done by the end of this week.  I seriously can’t stop smiling!


Laundry Room Prep


In case you haven’t noticed, I love reclaimed wood.  Reclaimed wood with great color always brings a big smile to my face. These little lovelies will be a part of the back wall in my laundry room.  I have one of my favorite chandeliers going in, a cast iron sink, some old glass washboards, a canvas rolling laundry basket, hopefully some fun shelving and I even have a wonderful stained glass window that’s already been installed.

The laundry room is on the section of the house that we considered tearing down.  It’s an old army barrack that was a flooring showroom, then who knows what.  It ended up on our property before we bought it and was in horrible repair.


This is my friend Risa, and wonderful helper. We are standing in the middle of the old barracks.  This pic was taken a few months after we had been working on the house. The framing is up, the old flooring is mostly gone and the roof isn’s sagging any more. Behind Risa, is a small framed opening.  That is my some-day laundry room.


This picture is the corner where my laundry room will be.  This picture was taken right after we bought the house. See the floor?  It was one of probably 15 different types of flooring that covered this building.


The window with plywood partly over it, is where my stained glass window is now. Both the siding and the window were sold to people who would reuse and enjoy them.


This picture is of the laundry area before the new siding went up.  I had to show you my super great door.  This door was in a bedroom, but I moved it so it could be enjoyed even more.

The crazy thing about this laundry room, is I planned most of it before a stud was set. I didn’t have the sink at that time, which would have helped the door placement.  The sink led to finding the right sized laundry basket to fit in a small nook. The laundry room was really fun, because it’s small and it really has no interest to hubby except function. I have been a free spirit in dreaming.

This week, the insulation went up(I will post a pick of that later). The drywall goes up next week, which is why I am sanding and preparing like crazy.  I need to get the wood walls up, before the drywall.  The drywall guys are awesome and can set it right up to the wood, so I don’t need any trim or inside cove on the sides.

Here are a few more pics of how I spent yesterday afternoon.img_6590img_6596

I started sanding each board with 60 grit sand paper.  If it came off quickly, I would change to a higher grit like 80 or 100.


Each board sanded down differently, so I made sure to apply light pressure until I could figure out how it would sand.  Some were stubborn on one end, then sanded quickly on the other end.  Needless to say, I took time on each board, so I could get the best possible color out of them.

Once I got close to the colors I wanted, I did a finish sanding with a 220 or 120 grit paper.  I am really happy with the results.


I thought I had sanded enough boards, until I laid them out on the floor in the laundry room. Fortunately, I have plenty of yellow and pink boards, so I will be sanding more this week.

All the boards came from the house, though I am not quite sure where. We took a wall down in the main house on a day I was at my part time job.  I am guessing these were behind drywall, because I don’t remember seeing them before they ended up in a pile of reclaimed wood in the pole barn.  I am very thankful that our workers, took the time and effort to remove them with care. They all knew how I love old wood. The other big plus, is that these boards are almost completely nail free!!  So, they are in really good condition.

Eventually, I’ll post pictures of the finished product.  It’s exciting to see dreamy ideas come together.

Yesterday, while I was sanding, I was thinking about how thankful I was.  Thankful to have the freedom to be creative.  Thankful to have a husband who lets me have fun with this big project.  Thankful to have people around who are capable of making it happen. And… so very thankful to have such a big God who loves seeing us enjoy life and using our gifts in unique ways.

A Little Bit of Fun


When we began the demo on the master bathroom, we found a turquoise painted ceiling with heavy glue stuck to it from the ceiling tile squares that were there before. Clay and Mark sanded down this ceiling and got the gook off that had held those wonderfully awful ceiling tiles.  This is the end result of the sanding. I am a blue lover, so this was a wonderful surprise.

*Below is a before shot of the bathroom and the hallway next to it that shows off those lovely tiles.




This is an upside down happy face.  So I look even happier.  After the sanding and gook removal, we had some patching to do.  Seth handled that.


Mark had caulked the big gaps, but I hadn’t thought ahead and we had white caulk streaks.  So, I mixed some paints to get a turquoise that was close.  I did a bit of blending in some of the cracks to cover the white caulk lines and to tie the colors together.


After three coats of polycrylic, the finished project was wonderful.


It literally took a village of us.  So thankful for some really great help. Feel incredibly blessed and wonderfully happy with this great ceiling.

*Just  a note*

The month of December was a tough one for the remodel and for Dave and I.  Weather, delays and stress brought me down a bit.  My phone stopped taking pictures and one of our daughters had surgery.  My Grandma passed away and the holidays were not as relaxed as usual.  I think I had my plate overflowing.  But.. through prayers, patience, perseverance, my wonderful husband, family, friends and a very big God, things turned around.  Our crews aren’t as big, but are so wonderful.  The help we have had in the last 6 weeks has been a tremendous blessing.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude.  We are beginning to see some exciting progress.  The construction loan is almost gone, but we are down to a few big projects that should fit into the budget.

Hope to get more pics out soon.  Glad you could follow along.