Becoming Real

img_6367This picture was taken the morning of January 3, by my hubby Dave. We still have a lot of work to do on the inside, but it is so wonderful to see something finished.  Granted – the door knobs aren’t all on yet, and the ceiling fans need to be hung, but we can see a glimmer of light that beckons us home.

I have not posted pictures in awhile for two reasons – First, I got really discouraged.  We were working so hard, spending lots of money and only seeing more work.  At Thanksgiving my mother-in-law Mary was visiting and she said. “All of a sudden, things will turn the corner.”  She was so right.  I used that as my mantra for several weeks.  When the building crew and the painters finished at the same time, I felt this weight lift. I guess the realization that something could actually get finished, brought me a lot of hope.  I am talking lots of hope. The holidays also helped.  They helped us to slow down and take some time off.  I think we both desperately needed that.

The second reason why I had not posted pictures in awhile is because of my phone. Yes!  It came down to technology.  I didn’t want to complain, but my old iphone 4 was not up to the job.  I had deleted everything I could delete off my phone and I still couldn’t take more than a few pictures at a time.  So…my wonderful hubby got me a refurbished iphone 6 for Christmas.  I can’t believe the difference! He said I went from 16 GB to 128 GB!  It’s been amazing!!!

Here are a few more pics of the process.  img_6213

This pic was taken the day after Thanksgiving when I was working a sale at Leftovers Antiques. Dave came in the store in a panic and said, “The crew took down the wall on the backside of the house by the garage.”  We both freaked out a bit.  The last time I had talked to the foreman, they were going to be repairing the old original porch. We were both happy for the progress, but had to regroup a bit mentally.  Even though we had a foreman, Dave and I were the main runners of materials and all things that had to do with the building. So… Dave was literally on the run that day.

Inside the building, you can see the very large stack of cypress siding. The original house is all cypress, so we debated about how to meld the two buildings together the best way possible. We decided to work with the original details as much as we could. It took quite a bit of research and talking to several long time contractors to learn how to prepare this siding for longevity. I’ll post our research and how we prepared this siding in another post.img_6212

Don’t you just love the white door in this pic.  It’s going to be the door to my laundry room. Even now, I am sitting at the computer smiling.  In fact, the little room it is in, is my future laundry room.



I love seeing these pictures, because this is time gone by!!!!  So happy!  Thank you Lord!!!