A Few After Pics


My wonderful table and silk flowers have been in the center of my almost living room for a couple of weeks now.  This little duo has been an encouragement to me to keep pressing on, even though the walls have just primer of them, you can see the beauty of our newly refinished floors and the amazing views out the windows.


I took this before I left today.  So encouraged to see the tile finished, the sink and toilet in, bath tub fixtures are set and I even have a lock on the door for privacy.  Tomorrow, I will touch up the trim and do a little cleaning.  Below are a few before “before” pictures taken a couple of months ago.

It’s crazy looking at these “before”pics and all the changes that have happened.

I haven’t posted pictures in awhile, because honestly, I was a little discouraged.  But today, some things began to change and I was paying more attention to listening to God.  I also had Victor at the house steadily cutting trim, fixing windows, putting up drywall and …. I got the siding and painting scheduled! Wahoo!  It’s amazing how these little things really keep your spirits up.

Looking forward to posting more finished or almost finished pics.  Blessings!!!