Sometimes It’s a Bit Discouraging

The next few pics are of things that just didn’t work out right or were mistakes from some of my crew that I am trying to fix.  Felt most of this week was cycling backwards, but so thankful for some wonderful people who stopped by during the week and encouraged me! These friends, and others who came by before, and the reminder that God is walking with us in all of this, is what got me going today.  It’s days like today and yesterday that I really make me miss my girls and Abdel who are not close by. I also miss my out of state family like crazy right now. Praying this week has good progress, which always leads to encouragement.  If any of you that are reading this are people who pray – please pray for me.  This was a rough week.

Mistake #1 – I was so excited about my tile that was laid with tedious perfection by our contractor Shawn Raggo.  But my choice in grout did it no favors.  I went to Home Depot late – they had no samples – I was tired and wanted to finish my list before they closed.  I debated about a light grey or white.  Went with white because I figured it would bleach out easy like my white shower grout does.  Didn’t consider that it would take away the wonderful detail of the spiral.

Talked to my brother Jeremy today – who is not only a mosaic genius, but an encouraging brother.  This made me feel better.  So wishing he was close by to help me trouble shoot. But, off to Fischer Tile tomorrow to see if once its cured, if I can stain it.  Even a slight color shade would bring out the wonderful spiral.  I figure worse case,  I may not seal it and let it get a bit dirty.  We’ll see.  If you have any brilliant ideas – Please let me know!


Mistake #2 for this week.  This picture is actually a mistake made by my wonderful door spraying Abel, who tapes everything, except the door mechanism.  I was all excited to get the doors hung on Aaron’s room, when everything went out the window.  The door mechanism was one of many problems.  But…. I did learn to take an old door latch apart to clean it, so it moves again.  I cleaned and repaired 3 doors on Saturday.

Because the door latch wouldn’t move, I had to take it all apart and clean and scrape the outside latch.  It wasn’t a huge deal, just one more thing that got put to the top of the “to-do list”.

Issue #3 – This wasn’t a mistake, just an issue we weren’t prepared for.

So, Saturday – Aaron, Michael and I were going to get all of Aaron’s doors up, shelves and hopefully curtain rod.  Well, several hours later, we got one door up.

We decided to put different hinges on Aaron’s doors, which he liked better.  This allowed me to use the old brass hinges in more visible places.  So…”Win, win.” Right?  Well, Michael and Aaron got his closet double doors hung, but they would not close.  I realized then, that Aaron’s doors needed to be notched because the hinges fit differently than the old ones.  So, we pulled them all off.  Michael tried using a chisel on them, but it took a long time and didn’t work as well as we hoped.

Today, my wonderful husband got us a piece to attach to his router.  Wha La!  On the positive side – Aaron now has a new skill.  He has one more door to notch.  We are all thankful for attachments that make life easier.

I think for me, this week was so hard, because I felt like I was working all the time, but got nothing done – at least very little visual improvement.  Also, Abel, Juan and Fransisco were on another job. I saved quite a bit of labor costs this week, but progress was also an issue. Kind of a catch 22.  Made the decision that saving some labor costs was a good thing for the next couple weeks, so my little trio will not be around for a bit.

I know so much of this is prep and things you don’t see. Like the guy at Ace – mistinting my paint, which meant one more trip to the paint store. I also had three dump runs this week, not to mention putting together a burn pile for the wood scraps. But… I can back up our little trailer by myself.  It takes a few tries, but I can get it in, especially if I have someone helping. 😉

Signing out for now.  I am tired.  Blessings!


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