Prep Work


This pic was actually from yesterday. I was sanding doors and cleaning hinges. Sanded down the front and back of two doors.  I decided to prime one and the best primer I had was a quick dry oil based primer.  Needless to say, when it says quick dry, they mean quick dry.  I brushed it on and went to use my brush to blend and go over it, and it began to goop up.  I should have stopped right there.  But no – “I’ve got this.”  Well, one side of the door is gooped up pretty bad, so….. back to the sanding block tomorrow.

Today, Frank and his crew went inside.  They demoed the closet and more demo on the master bedroom walls.  They got all the nasty bug ridden insulation out, knocked out the cement faux brick that was in the closet (At one time the closet was the front of the house.) and took out a lot of rotted stuff.  Victor was framing in the new windows for our master at the end of the day.  Our windows were from Lowes clearance shelf.  Nothing fancy, but cheap.  We figured it didn’t matter a whole lot and it was nice saving a few bucks when we could.

The kitchen cabinet maker came by today.  Lots to think about and consider.  I am looking forward to his drawings. We also had Danny our plumber come by and get the plumbing for the hot water heater set.

One really great thing about doing a blog, is the people you come in contact with through it. Today, Kaylee came by.  She had shown the house as a realtor and was anxious to see it first hand. I love having people come by.  It’s so encouraging, especially with those who have seen it before. Then, my Uncle Ray and I talked about hinges and painting for at least 30 minutes. He is an amazing painter and had lots of good tips for me.  There is even a slight chance I may be able to fly him out to help with some painting.  So.. we’ll see. May try to talk my dad into that too.

Here is a good reason to sand and prime before you paint. This gooey mess, was the old paint I was sanding off.

I thought the gray fingernail polish would help hide the dirt, but it only adds to the paint on my nails.  Oh well.img_6090

Besides cleaning hinges, I have also been cleaning door knob plates.  Here are some pictures of that.


Plate after being soaked in lacquer thinner.


After a little scrubbing.  I also use a steel brush.


OOOO steel wool.


The end result. I am not looking for perfection on these, because I will prime and paint them anyways.  Just getting the flaky stuff off.

Back to work tomorrow.  Hope to have good progress to report this weekend!  Blessings!



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