Porch Progress and Changes


Monday the porch was really beginning to take shape.  Windows were getting set and things were moving forward.  By Tuesday afternoon, both gables were up, but I have to admit, I was a bit discouraged.  The drawings we had put together and the actual gables did not seem like they were the same.  Dave didn’t want to say anything, but both of us were really disappointed.  Tuesday night, I did not sleep well.  I was worried.  So, I slept some and prayed some and worried some.  But I knew that I needed to say something.

Wednesday morning, I was at the site early waiting for Frank our main buildout foreman.  Soon, all three crew members were at the site, but not Frank.  I literally kneeled and prayed asking the Lord for help in this.  So, Victor was up on the roof – he’s 2nd in command, and I said, “Hey, Victor, I need to show you a problem with the top gable. It’s smaller than the front gable.” Grumbling a bit, he got off his rooftop perch to come talk to me.

I rolled out the drawings and compared them to the actual.  Next thing, he’s taking note. Soon, measuring tapes are moving across peaked surfaces to get measurement. We quickly found out that the upper gable was almost 14″ smaller than the front gable.  So, now we had to wait for Frank.

Frank came and I laid this out for him, along with hubby and Victor.  He’s taking it all in.  We look at the plans, get more measurements, then Frank looks at me and then at the almost done roof. So I ask, “Frank is there anyway of making that top gable bigger without tearing everything down.”  He replied, “No.”  So, having already thought this through a bit and looked everything over, I asked, “What if we built out the top gable like they would on an old timey western movie?  Just build the front right over the top of what you have already made.  Slowly he responds, “Maybe.”   Yes!!!  Maybe is just about a yes with Frank. So the gable front was brought out 2ft, which made a huge difference in the overall look.

I was very thankful for a few things – 1. The the error was obvious.  2. That Frank was willing to listen and consider it. 3. That I stepped out and asked.

Needless to say – we were all really pleased with the results.

Here are a few pictures from today.


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