Cleaning Hinges

I watched some of the guys we were paying, cleaning and scrubbing the old door hinges. I considered the amount of money it cost me to have them do this, and I thought – I’d better learn. Here’s what they told me…

Soak the metal pieces in lacquer thinner.  Make sure it has a closed lid, because it evaporates quickly. I soaked mine overnight, but it really doesn’t take much time.


As you can see, the paint just lifts off.  Once you pull them out of the lacquer thinner, you must work fairly fast.  It’s easier to get the paint off while it is still wet.


I used a small scrapper at first, then this wire brush to get into all the narrow spots.


Next, I used OOOO fine steel wool to rub off the rest. I didn’t want to scratch my hinges with the rough bristles of my small wire brush.


Once I rubbed off all or most of the paint, I used 3-in-one oil to add some depth and lubrication to my hinges.  Now, my work crew didn’t tell me this, but I was at Home Depot getting paint samples and listening to people talk. This one man seemed to know a lot about painting and handyman skills, so I asked him. He’d not cleaned the hinges like I had, but he thought it through. The 3-in-one oil was his suggestion.  It’s easy and I liked the results. I liked how it brightened up my hinges without needing to put any type of clear coat on them.


I was very happy with the results.


Friday, I have a new crew who will be hanging some doors in the mostly finished house, so I am trying to get things ready for them.


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