Taking Shape


Dave took this picture today as he headed up to the house after being gone for several days. The build out of the gables brought smiles to both our faces.



What a difference a couple of days make!  I will tell you, I have gained so much respect for construction.  Every piece is hand measured and hand cut, to get it just right. I have developed a true appreciation of anyone who takes on this task to capture other peoples visions and bring them to life in buildings.  Truly amazing!


I love this picture of Abel as he thoughtfully places the old window latches of my newly painted old windows.


Shawn is head of DNS Construction.  I had asked him about laying tile for the bathroom floor. First I found out, I had bought the wrong type.  I had bought a mesh backing, which does not lay straight on floors. So, I returned the mesh backed tile to Home Depot, but was so excited to have found the right tile at Lowes. Then found out, my inside guys had layed the cement board with nails not screws, so Shawn fixed that too.  So….what I thought to be an easy project, led to Shawn fixing everything.  We haven’t put the grout in yet, but I get to help with that.  I will be the clean up gal.


I love these pics of the guys on the roof.  They take instructions from Frank well, who I have to say is a building genius.


So Friday, while everyone was cutting wood and building structures, I got the job of rolling the magnet around to pick up nails.  As you can see, it’s a job no one appreciates till they get a flat.  Don’t want that happening!


Friday was a beautiful day – Here is Francisco working on my beloved windows.


Juan is cutting drywall for the master closet. I love working with Juan because he can follow me as I dream and help make it happen.


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