It’s all in a Saturday.


After pulling off the panelling, ceiling tiles, accordion closet doors, outlets, carpet and carpet pad, I got to work pulling up the carpet tacks.  Michael (below), my demo accomplice, tore most of it out, and also pulled a lot of nails out of the ceiling.  img_6076

Do you notice what was behind that old paneling.  Yes!
Beautiful ship lap.  Keeping that!!!


My handsome husband surveying our progress.  Do you notice all those nails above Dave’s head?  Michael pulled them all out!  Ugh!  It’s nice working with someone who’s tall and willing.

Dave was in and out of Narnia(see below) all day today.  He was working with our son earlier in the day (I didn’t get a picture!  Darn!).  They were pulling old wires and placing new ones.  img_1570-1

At one time, this was a teenage girls room, who had a large attic door in her bedroom. I love that she painted Narnia on the attic door.  We may need to keep that! When Dave has to spend time in the attic, he announces, “I am going to Narnia!”


When Michael pulled off the paneling, this is what we found behind it.  This was one little section!  To answer your question – Yes, this was someones bedroom 8 months ago.


This was my other main project for the day.  I got it all primed and got some paint samples from Home Depot on the way home. This little room is close to becoming a walk-in pantry.

Sunday, I am wanting to stay home as much as possible.  I am so behind on laundry, groceries and basic household stuff.  Need to catch up on that as much as possible.

God bless your week!!!


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