Tractor Fun!

We have been in a constant state of leveling both the foundation and the area around the house where there is excess water run off.  Dave rented this little guy for the day to help fix the problem.  But, the problem was a little bigger than the tractor, so we had to trade it in for a bigger bad boy that we will get on Monday.

I couldn’t stand watching Dave have all the fun on Friday, so I took a try at it.  I loved it!!! Hope I get to drive the bigger bad boy too. It’s hard to get the boys to share!

Below are more progress pics.img_5989img_5990

This is what came out of the attic this week.  It was pretty awful.


The Framing Began!  So excited to see our planning come together in the big empty room.  Can’t wait to see the progress for this coming week.  Getting excited!!


The room on the left will be Dave’s office/guest room.  The room on the left will be for storage – very excited about that room.  I have a feeling it will fill up fast.


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