An Unfriendly Visitor and Progress Pictures


Yesterday, hubby Dave, had a nearby farmer shred our land. This morning as the guys were getting their tools out of the the garage, Abel found this unwanted visitor.  Not only did he see it, but he caught it, then with help killed it!  So glad Abel was around to grab this copperhead.


On a different note –

Last night Dave came home to tell me that they had found a chimney that had been cut from the bottom and top, but still inside the wall.  We had been having a terrible time with the leveling and realized the weight of this chimney may be the problem.  The plan was for our crew to come and tear it out first thing in the morning.

At 6:00am, Dave got up for Bible Study and I got up to get coffee, my Bible and to run out to the property in hopes to save the chimney, if it was mostly in tact. To my relief, it was!  Trying to be patient, I enjoyed the view and a quiet time, then forewarned both our contractors of a possible change.

After talking to Frank, who is handling the porch build out and the leveling, he assured me that they could stabilize the chimney enough for me to keep it.  Juan is my detail guy and said that it was good and solid, and just needed to have a stable base.  I am really excited!


I was hoping to post pictures of a finished bedroom today, but with the additional leveling, yesterday, we ended up with a couple extra drywall cracks today. So…more repair work is needed.img_5973

Here are some pics from the last couple of days.


It’s been all hands on deck lately.  So grateful for a wonderful crew to be working with, and a pretty great husband.  More pics to come.


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