Finally Closed!

The construction loan finally closed last Friday, Sept. 16th!  We wrote a huge check that afternoon to one of the contractors and by Saturday, some of the leveling began. The leveling is mostly complete, but there are several areas that still need work because the house was out of whack for so long.

One of the many places that had major wood rot and stability issues.

In the picture on the left, you can see a small washout.  We had massive rains over Memorial weekend and some of the cinder block supports had been washed out. This led to some of the flooring and beams in the house warping slightly.  Hopefully they will settle now that the house is in place again. These pictures are after the repair work had been done.

Because we have to live in the house in about 4 weeks, one of our first projects was to demo one of the bathrooms.  Here’s the before and below is the demo.


I love the cast iron tub and the pedestal sink, so we are keeping those.  The toilet is small and nasty, so it’s being moved out.


The demo work was actually pretty fun – hot and dusty, but got a lot done.

Was excited to find this old wallpaper somewhat in tact.  I was able to gently take a razor blade to cut out a section that was not covered in small tack nails.  I took this piece and cut out another section to frame it.  Hoping to uncover some more hidden treasures as we go.

On Monday, Juan and his guys will be focusing on the bathroom, plumbing will start going in and the drywall will be repaired around the tub.

Frank is over our other crew and they will continue to work on the porch and roofing build out.  Hoping to get more pictures posted soon.






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