In Only A Day

In only a day, my husband Dave and I will own a little piece of Texas. This wonderful little slice has an old 1920’s house full of wood rot, mud wasps, spliced electrical issues and all that comes with a foreclosure that’s been sitting empty. Even in the muck and chaos, we both see a home.  A place our kids, friends, family and hopefully grandkids can come and enjoy. There is the hope of sipping sweet tea on the porch, watching the wildflowers blow in the breeze, or sitting outside in the dark of night to be amazed at the wonderous glory of a star filled sky. This is our hope. So, on Friday, August 26th, we will be the proud new owners of our little piece of Texas.

In only a day, our evenings of watching Netflix and eating Bluebell ice cream may take a turn. But, I think we are ready.  We have contractors lined up, an electrician ready, the bug guy is coming to spray down the place inside and out and a bright yellow porta-potty will land somewhere on our property tomorrow afternoon.  I am scared, excited and extremely grateful.

Tomorrow marks some big new steps.  It all happens – in only a day.



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