It’s Begun!


Lunch on the Porch after a few hours of hard work.


Taking down fence posts and old hot wire fencing.


The work crew has begun!!!  I can not tell you how happy it makes me to see my family working together. I absolutely love it! So Saturday, we had a crew! Our crew filled the road with gravel, took down fencing, cleaned up around the place and enjoyed pizza on the deck of our breezy porch.  I was so happy to have been able to keep my friends two boys this weekend!!  I warned them what was ahead and they still wanted to come!  Love seeing boys learning to be men.   Warmed my heart in so many ways.


It Is Done!

IMG_5631Closing was this morning! The keys became ours! Opened up the house by the afternoon. Both the wonderful bug man Craig and his assistant Max sprayed in and out till the rain came. Lucky for us, they are coming back again on a dryer day to finish the outside. Good bye bugs – well at least for now.

The porta-potty also arrived safely. Placed right where my husband wanted it!

At closing this morning, we got to the bank right when it opened. After waiting 30 minutes, our realtor called all the right people and found out the title companies appointed notary was not coming. Our bank stepped in and we were able to do it all in house. The joys of a small town bank. Plus, we saved $140 in title company fees.

This was a good reminder, that when things aren’t quite working out, or get delayed, with a little patience things will turn around. I am trying to remind myself of these things, because everyday will have its own unique challenges. With this house, we will have a lot of them.

In Only A Day

In only a day, my husband Dave and I will own a little piece of Texas. This wonderful little slice has an old 1920’s house full of wood rot, mud wasps, spliced electrical issues and all that comes with a foreclosure that’s been sitting empty. Even in the muck and chaos, we both see a home.  A place our kids, friends, family and hopefully grandkids can come and enjoy. There is the hope of sipping sweet tea on the porch, watching the wildflowers blow in the breeze, or sitting outside in the dark of night to be amazed at the wonderous glory of a star filled sky. This is our hope. So, on Friday, August 26th, we will be the proud new owners of our little piece of Texas.

In only a day, our evenings of watching Netflix and eating Bluebell ice cream may take a turn. But, I think we are ready.  We have contractors lined up, an electrician ready, the bug guy is coming to spray down the place inside and out and a bright yellow porta-potty will land somewhere on our property tomorrow afternoon.  I am scared, excited and extremely grateful.

Tomorrow marks some big new steps.  It all happens – in only a day.