Our Fixer Upper

Country Foreclosure Becoming Our Home

This blog is about my husband Dave and I, and our growing desire to move to the country. We live in the small town of Brenham, Texas, where Blue Bell Ice Cream is king and our high school football games are still the biggest events on Friday nights.  Though Brenham is a country town, we live in the heart of this small city.  We have loved it, especially while our kids were growing up.  But now, with our family growing and changing in many new ways, we wanted a place where family, friends and eventually grandkids would want to come and be apart of a country home.  Where the freedom to run and explore are the norm and a breezy porch is the perfect place to be anytime of the year in Texas.

We had searched for about a year, trying to find a place that we could afford to own and to love. We found that being able to afford something, doesn’t mean you will love it, and loving something doesn’t mean you can afford it.  We hit some big roadblocks and closed doors.  But when we stepped onto this hillside foreclosure, rotted wood, slumpy roof and all, we knew if we didn’t buy this, we needed to stop looking.

Dave and I have always been the type to prefer remodeling over building, so this seemed like a good fit.  Being that it was a foreclosure, our realtor was horribly challenged by the crazy logistics of dealing with the ins and outs and details of a foreclosure listing. It took us three submitted offers before one was accepted.  We soon found out that no matter what the issue, a foreclosure like this is “as is” no matter what. I told my husband it was like buying a house from the military.

So… Here we are!!!  Moving forward, challenged constantly and enjoying watching it all unfold. This little blog is a snapshot of our journey and fixer upper adventure.